Chris Williamson, MP, take more care on Twitter

[NB: The materials herein are freely available in the public domain, and this is produced as an educational resource for antiracists and antifascists.]

These are individuals that Chris Williamson, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Derby North, thinks have something interesting to say.

They vary between simple misanthropes, conspiracy theorists to the odd antisemite or 3+. Some are very happy in the company of neo-Nazis or promoting material from Holocaust denying propagandists.

The common theme is that all express contempt for Jews in one way shape or form.


























Evidence of their views is shown below, in their own words. The post should be regularly updated. There is no shortage of supporting material.

1. Kerry-Anne Mendoza‏ AKA @TheMendozaWoman

Strong views on antisemitism.























Says there is a “conflating anti-Zionism with anti-semitism to suppress justified criticism of Israel”.






















Views on Israel.



However, The Canary Says.

The Labour party suspends Ken Livingstone, but Twitter isn’t buying it

The first reference in the article supports Trump’s Muslim ban, isn’t keen on Black Lives Matter, but likes Paul Joseph Watson well-known Hard Right conspiracy theorist

The next reference somehow finds himself in conversation with a neo-Nazi, by accident.












The Canary on Assad, denying he carried out a chemical attack.

People should be tearing into the BBC for the alarming decision it just made

An antiracist comments:















2. Scott Nelson AKA @SocialistVoice

Talks about “Jewish blood”.





















Has Jewish friends.











On Syria and Assad.
















Jokes with antisemites.










On 9/11.























Discussing immigration with a neo-Nazi and agreeing.













3. Steve Topple‏ AKA @MrTopple

Says he is “anti-Zionist”, time after time.

















Doesn’t “hold all Jews responsible”.


















Topple thinks Tony Blair is a “Zionist puppet”.

He thinks America is a dog on a leash to Israel.

He talks of “Zionist oil” and the “Zionist agenda”.

He believes the International Monetary Fund is “Zionist” run.

His views on the UN and “ZioNazis”.














Chummy with Holocaust deniers and conspiracy cranks.


Pleasant with a neo-Nazi.







Likes Alex Jones of InfoWars and a Donald Trump favourite.

Has Jewish friends.

Joined the Labour Party.

Argues “anti-semitism is being cynically exploited for political ends”.

Promoting a neo-Nazi.

Some videos were removed.

5. Peter Oborne AKA @OborneTweets

6. philip lewis‏ AKA @philewis

Fondness for antisemites.

Promoting a neo-Nazi

7. Dylan Strain‏ AKA @DylanStrain

His ex-girl friend was Jewish.

On conspiracy site.

On Labour’s deputy leader.

Talkative with antisemites.

On “cabals”.

8. Devutopia‏ AKA @D_Raval

Downplaying antisemitism.

Contempt for the safety of the Jewish community.

Promoting Veterans Today, a neo-Nazi site.

Interacting with neofascists.


9. Christina‏ AKA @55krissi55

Likes neo-Nazi Veterans Today.

A common theme on parts of the Extreme Right, their supposed inability to discuss the Holocaust openly.

Loves David Icke, big lizard theorist.

9/11 trutherism.

Doesn’t like the “Rothschilds”?

Chatty with Holocaust deniers.

Pro-Putin and excusing Assad.

Not too keen on Israelis, or Jews.

Some of her best friends are Jewish.

On Hamas.

10. #MurdochsDemocracy‏ AKA @evertonfc2

Has nothing against Jews.

Some of best friends are. You know.

9/11 Trutherism.

Chatting with neo-Nazis, IanRMillard and Ironwand.



Fond of antisemites and their memes

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