Skwawkbox. Antisemitism, faked or not? The evidence

Q1: Is it the case that racism is exaggerated?

No, but if you listen to the Right that’s an argument which has been advanced for the last 40+ years in Britain. Racism in Britain is probably under-reported.


Q2: Should we worry?

Yes, as Donald Trump’s America shows lack of concern over racism leads to terrible things happening: antisemitic murders, attacks on children and the Extreme Right becoming invigorated.

Q3: Does it happen in Britain?

Very much so on the Right. In the media they dismiss concerns around Islamophobia, attacks on Muslims and immigrants.

Q4: But it’s just the Right, isn’t it?

No, more recently across social media parts of the Left have been downplaying antisemitism and efforts to tackle it.

Q5: How so?

They will either say it’s exaggerated or faked, as the Right does, but only when the subject is antisemitism.

Essentially, it is argued that Twitter accounts which promote racism were created especially for that purpose, that they are fake and not genuine Lefties.

Q6: Why is that wrong?

These are four accounts, which have been long-standing on Twitter and are very popular on the Left

Plus they articulate antisemitism, promote material from neo-Nazis sites or hardcore antisemites.

Q7: How do we know these are popular on the Left?

They were taken from an academic’s timeline, someone with a record of fighting neofascism.

In this context, the Left on social media should not associate or promote those with strong racist views, even if they are their “comrades”.

Four Left-friendly racists:

#1. Maureen Fitzsimmons AKA @mojos5

Previously profiled Adores antisemitism: Maureen Fitzsimmons‏ AKA @mojos55

Rather popular with 6000+ followers, using Twitter since August 2011.

A few of her views:

NB: The last one is a neo-Nazi site.

#2. Socialist Voice AKA @SocialistVoiceexgsertared

On Twitter since September 2013.

Expelled for Labour for racism. One-time UKIP voter. Extremely popular on the British Left, with over 58,000 followers. Certain hangups when it comes to one ethnicity.

Has an odd fixation with “Jewish blood”

Naturally into conspiracies

Chatty with extreme antisemites

His connections and friendship with assorted Twitter neo-Nazis/hardcore antisemites was detailed in #2 here.

#3. Devutopia #SocSocM AKA @D_Raval

Been on Twitter since April 2010.

He seems to have a like the neo-Nazi site, Veterans Today. Or at the very least is content to promote their filth.

The type of material they like:


#4. Scarlet Wilde AKA @wilde

She is a bit of a character on the Left, clever with a strong reek of antisemitism from her timeline.

She was profiled previously at Wilde about racism and Momentum, a quick profile of antisemitism and the Left: @ Wilde

Promoting the Extreme Right’s “Khazar” theme

Fond of the neo-Nazi, Veterans Today.

Their views:



It is an exceedingly common idea on the Extreme Right that antisemitism is faked, lied about and overemphasised. Therefore, it would be much wiser if the Left did not take up these vile notions too, or spread them on social media as the Skwawkbox does.


Remember, when you downplay antisemitism, a neo-Nazi who attended the Charlottesville 2017 rally smiles at you.

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