Labour, Activist or Holocaust denier? Sarah Wilkinson‏ AKA @ swilkinsonbc

[NB: The materials herein are freely available in the public domain, and this is produced as an educational resource for antiracists and antifascists.]

This post has been revised after she tried to delete her racist material, but there was still plenty of the filth left lying around. It will be tidied up over time.

The thinking of Sarah Wilkinson‏ AKA @ swilkinsonbc

Verdict: An “activist” around the Middle East, an occasional Holocaust denier. She believes Israel helps ISIS, talks about false flags a lot and is a 9/11 truther.

She is a devotee of Far and Extreme Right sites, and their thinking.

Just asking, Holocaust denial


Haven’t been called antisemitic?


She adores neo-Nazi Ugly Truth




Agrees with Golden Dawn’s thinking


Golden Dawn’s neo-Nazis


2013: Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party ‘exposed’ by Greek press

Redress – the polite antisemites


Redress never found a piano playing neo-Nazi they couldn’t do PR for.


Likes Gilad Atzmon, the occasional Holocaust denier

On Adolf


Renegade Tribune

She undeniably like sneering at Jews and promoting material from neo-Nazi sites.


This is the Renegade Tribune’s mindset:


Occidental Observer

Her liking for extremist material is almost boundless, including the Occidental Observer, a White Power site run by Kevin MacDonald.


The SPLC covered him and his extreme antisemitism.

As New York Times argued:

“Several organizations — the National Policy Institute, American Renaissance, the Charles Martel Society and its website The Occidental Observer — try to take a more highbrow approach, couching white nationalist arguments as academic commentary on black inferiority, the immigration threat to whites and other racial issues.”


The stench of pro-Nazism pervades Occidental Observer.

Update 1:

Apparently she is a member of the Labour Party.


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